Mamak’s Cruise Party

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I finally had the chance to realise my dream to go on a cruise about two weeks ago. 😀 It was certainly a great experience for the everyone of us.  Thanks to Mamak for organising a cruise party for all the staffs. If you guys out there do not know what or where is Mamak, check this website out!

That is where I have been working since August this year and that is also where I have been meeting awesome people!

I shall let the pictures do the talking:

Lisa – The team leader of Mamak Chatswood.

Siong: The manager of Mamak Chatswood, also the person who has given me endless guidance and training. Loves fooling me as well. 😛

Mamak Chatswood team

35 scoops of ice-cream, isn’t that awesome?

Nothing much I would like to say here except that working in Mamak has certainly given me a great experience and I am definitely going to miss the people as well as the place. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful time working with you guys!


It’s Time to Bid Adieu, Sayonara, Farewell…

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Almost 3 weeks break from the blogging world. I’ve been extremely busy – hardly have time for myself and I really need some sleep!! I’m just way too busy. I really wish I’ve more than 24 hours in a day. Time is just passing by way too fast. I’ve so many things to do but I’ve so little time. 😦

Anyway, my dearest juniors held a farewell dinner for us about 3 weeks ago. I was actually taken aback by the invitation that they sent out on Facebook. It was really thoughtful of them to actually come up with this farewell dinner for us. Thank you, guys!! Although I don’t really know the most of you, I really appreciate the things that you guys have planned for us. Thank you so much! Everything was awesome and perfect!! 😀 (makes me wonder what have I done for my own seniors – not much, I guess!).

I shall let the photos do the talk now:

I’ve more photos but all of them will be uploaded on Facebook real soon. I’ve nothing much to type over here or I would say that I’m just too tired to even think of what to type. I guess the photos have done more than enough to describe the farewell. Sorry guys, I’m just too fatigued to continue typing for this post as I’m just so busy lately and will be busier for the next two weeks. Till then, please pray for me to have the strength to endure the coming weeks – I believe I’ll do fine! 😀

กิน(gin) in Home!!

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สวัสดีค่ะ (sawadee ka) everyone!! I went to กิน (gin) in Home yesterday night – a Thai restaurant in Sussex Street, Sydney. Gosh, I’m feeling so Thai writing this post. LOL!

We(me, Kar Wei, and Ai Vee) actually went to the city to meet up with our Thai friend, Tony Pornsal Kalyangkura, who is in Sydney for a few days after completing his Masters in Queensland, Brisbane. It’s a bye to Queensland and hello to Bangkok for him again. Thank you Eddy for organising this dinner, I guess you must have been an awesome host to Tony – bringing him to eat almost everything in Sydney!! 😀 These were the AWESOME Thai food we had last night :

P/S: I shall only name the ones that I know.

‘Pad Thai’!! I ♥ Pad Thai A LOT!! 🙂

I don’t know what is this called but I ♥ it too!!

Eddy’s favourite ‘Tomyam’ soup 🙂

Sticky rice – oh, how I wish it was sticky rice ‘durian’!! 😦

Some deep fried crab with mango salad (‘kerabu’)…I ♥!!

My ‘longan’ fruit drink, Kar Wei had the same.


Sweet potato with coconut milk.

Fried bananas – I ♥!! 🙂 Talking about bananas, we had an amusing banana joke last night. Shall share it with you all below this post.

The food in Home is really awesome but sad thing that they don’t serve sticky rice durian!! I so ♥ sticky rice durian A LOT!! And oh, by the way, the restaurant is so cool that the wait staffs actually use iPads to take orders and Louis Vuitton sling bags to keep the iPads. How cool is that??!!

Christmas tree in Queen Victoria Building – it was there last year too, time flies!!

Us!! From left : Ai Vee, Kar Wei, Tony Pornsal, me, and Eddy. I ♥ this photo a lot. Everyone looks so cute in it especially Kar Wei and Eddy! 😀

And we headed home feeling full and contented!! 😀

Okay, here goes the banana joke:

Ai Vee: Tony, I heard you can eat up to 21 bananas a day!

Tony: What?!! No, I am not a monkey!!

Lol, seriously, it might not sound funny here but we really had a good laugh about that when Tony made the statement that he is not a monkey. We seriously didn’t expect him to respond in that way. LOL! 😀

I really had a good time last night. Thanks for the company, friends!! And to Tony, all the best to him in venturing into the working world!!

Okay, enough updates for today, I have an assignment due tomorrow and a test tomorrow too! Wish me luck!! 😀

คบ-กัน-ครับ (khob-kun-krub) everyone for reading this post! – this reminded me about the waiter in Home who came up to me and said คบ-กัน-ครับ (khob-kun-krub) and not to my friends before we left the restaurant – I guess he mistaken me for a Thai – something not unusual to me at all!!

Crucial Period

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I’m super stressed out at the moment. Now till next few weeks is going to be an extremely hectic period for me because of something that is bugging my life so much!! It’s nothing but…

Yes, you saw that!!!!! But mine is with an “s” behind. I don’t have one or two, but more than that! Don’t ask how many, I prefer not to mention about it to ease the fear in me. As Ai Vee quoted, no words can describe how we’re feeling right now. Assignments are haunting our life everyday!! We can do it, people!

At crucial times like this, all I need are prayers and blessings from God…

What an encouraging and thoughtful message all the way from Singapore. Really gives me the strength to go through this crucial period. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers, Jack – I truly appreciate it. And to anyone out there who is keeping me in your prayers, I thank you very much!

I’m typing this full with exhaustion – it’s 6.25 am and I’m still not asleep. I haven’t been sleeping well lately due to excessive caffein intake. 😦 Thanks to my assignments. Assignments, you don’t know how much you’ve ruined my life! 😦

I got to get back to my assignments AGAIN, so just a short update. Although I have been really occupied with assignments, I still went out for a short while yesterday. I just needed a short break though I know I am not entitled to any outings at the moment, but heck, it was just a short while. I went out with this cute kid yesterday…

Good times during Back-to-school Dance Party!

And I don’t remember when was the last time I went out with her – it has been ages actually. It was a good short outing though our main purpose was to do groceries shopping – we did some short window shopping. I met up with her after she finished her work. Oh boy, I was such a bum, I decided to take the bus instead of walking to Macquarie Centre, yes, wasted 3.30 AUD when I could have been hardworking to walk and use the money for something beneficial! Geez, I really hate the transportation fare in Sydney, it’s just way to expensive!!

We were basically out for approximately 3 hours, not that bad ey?! And yes, we went to check out the Nine West wallet again but we haven’t bought it yet – still thinking and planning to go to the Nine West outlet in Westfield, Chatswood to check out if there are any nicer wallets. We’re such indecisive people, haha!

It was a good good short outing. I ♡ it!!!!! I’m really looking forward to be free from assignments and exams so that we’ll have more time to spend together to talk crap and go out! 😉

Additional things that I would like to put in my wish list:

Elsa Peretti® Teardrop bracelet – TIFFANY & CO.

Elsa Peretti®Teardrop pendant – TIFFANY & CO.

Aren’t the bracelet and the necklace pretty?? I ♡ them a lot!! Never thought teardrops could be so precious and turn to silver – quoted by Jack Phin Lim when I showed him these – I like! They’re sterling silver and I’m really considering of buying them but they’re going to burn a big big hole in my pocket. Don’t ask me the price please, go and google for it if you want to know. Putting the price up in this post’ll make me feel super guilty. Should I get it? It’s really a good investment, I think! The necklace is quite reasonable but the bracelet which I ♡ the most is quite dear. Should I?????

Okay, enough of ranting over here. I shall get back to my assignments. Till then, see you peeps! 🙂

Our dear little Nancie has been audacious lately – first, she “chopped” off her own fringe (which makes me a little audacious too cause I did the same!!), and then she dyed her hair blue!!!!! You can see the huge difference in her hair colour now and last time.

There you go!

Honestly, I was really shocked when she messaged me on MSN saying that she was dying her hair blue. I went “What the heck!! Are you frigging serious?!”. LOL!

It looks black in the photo but apparently, it’s blue under the sunlight. I really wish to see how she looks in person, but oh well, she’s too far away.

Nancie, I guess you’ve done enough to your hair, I don’t hope to get another message the next time saying you are balding your head!! LOL!

Nancie & Shen-Ann = The Fringe Chopper!!

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Many random thoughts came to my mind last night and one of them was the strong urge to go for a hair cut today. I was contemplating really hard last night if I should go for a hair cut after work today. Unfortunately, I finished work quite late and I totally forgotten that everything closes at 4 pm on Sundays (I hate really Sydney for this!!). So, I couldn’t go for a hair cut, but anyway, I wasn’t even sure in the first place if I really wanted to go for it. I went to do my groceries in Macquarie Centre after work and headed home after that feeling very exhausted. It’s funny how I could even think of “chopping” off my fringe in the midst of my exhaustion. Before I made my final decision to really “chop” off my fringe, I seek assurance from Kar Wei if I was going to do the right thing or not having fringe actually looks better on me. Upon getting Kar Wei’s encouragement by her saying I look cuter with fringe (haha!!), I went straight to my table to grab my scissors and started my fringe-chopping session. I was kind of scared at first, having the fear that I’ll screw up my whole fringe but slowly, I gained the courage and began to have confidence in styling my own fringe. Haha! My source of inspiration to “chop” off my fringe – SAW NANCIE – the fringe chopper who “chopped” off her fringe a week ago. 😀

That’s my source of inspiration – cute isn’t she with her new fringe?? 😛

That’s me with my new fringe!! 😀

Fringe chopper – that’s what we are!!!!! 😀

P/S: Nancie, we can work as a fringe chopper if we are ever jobless in future, haha!!